2022 Spring Digital Show Award Winners

First Place – Ms Emily III

by Anne Hightower Patterson


About the Juror, Kie Johnson

Juror’s Statement

Thank you for the honor of being invited to jury the 2022 SCWS Online Exhibition. First and foremost a painting needs to be compelling. In order to engage the viewer the visual artist has a number of ways in which to tell their story. The criteria for my selections were based on strong compositions and the use of values, colors, lines, and texture. An outstanding painting demonstrates technical skill as well as the emotion felt by the viewer in looking at the visual story. Each person and juror responds individually when viewing an exhibition. I invite you to remain mindful when entering juried exhibitions that particular jurors opinions may likely vary. Create and share your art for the joy it brings to you. I sincerely hope my juror’s comments on the first three award winners will give you some insight into my jurying process and thinking.

Juror’s Reflection on Selected Pieces

Ms Emily III This somber image draws the viewer in with the use of predominately dark values contrasted with the strategically placed lights.  Every aspect of this painting leads you to the pensive face that leaves the viewer wondering what Ms Emily’s story is.  This artist has shown a masterful use of techniques, values and colors that make this painting compelling.

Winter Sunrise This artist’s use of the warm and dark horizontal edge immediately draws the viewer in to discover the variety of textures, colors and shapes in the landscape. Integrating  the warm colors into the predominately cool colors of the painting entertain and captivate the viewer.  Once you stay to visit with this image you find so many delightful and suggestive places to investigate which makes this painting compelling.

The Ground Shook with the Sound The viewer is blasted with the bold intense colors which give the feeling one gets from the vibrations of the sound waves, which is at the heart of the story.  If you filter out the colors you are able to witness a masterful use of the dark values which create a captivating composition that leads you around and through the painting.  Both the use of the bold color palette and contrasting values make this painting compelling.

2022 Spring Digital Show Gallery


Below are the 2022 Spring Digital Show works. There are ninety-eight works, which were submitted by sixty-six individual artists across the nation. To see the piece title and artist, simply hover your mouse over the image and the information will appear at the bottom of the image. Asterisks (*) at the end of an artist’s name indicate the work is for sale. To view a full screen enlargement of the image, simply click on the image itself.

We are thankful for all participating artists and the powerful show we were able to curate thanks to their artistic prowess. If you have interest in acquiring a particular piece, please reach out to Anna Izard, at scwatermediasociety@gmail.com for more information.