SCWS 44th Annual National Exhibition

As in past years, the juror has evaluated the entries and selected works to be included in the show. This show will be exhibited at the Pickens County Museum, where the public may view the larger show and the juror will evaluate and select award-winning pieces. The show will be open to the public August 2 – September 24, and an online exhibition of works will also be available on our website. A public awards ceremony will be hosted at the Museum August 28th from 4:30PM – 6:30PM.

The 44th Annual National Exhibition juror is Frederick Graff, and he will host a workshop August 26 – 28 at the Pickens County Museum. Presently the workshop is full, but applications are being accepted for the waiting list. View the juror page for more information.

The full prospectus can be viewed here: Official SCWS 44th Annual Prospectus.

Congratulations to all accepted artists, listed alphabetically by last name:

Accetta, Suzanne

Alger, Victoria

Anderson, JoAnne

Arakas, Ashley

Ash, Gina Noelle

Bradham, Anne

Bradley, Marilynne

Burgess, Page

Burns, Sharron

Buzby, Gina

Caldwell, Dawn

Carruth, Rebecca

Coleman, Rosie

Coward, Janice

Cunningham, Gail

Dean-DeJesus, Jeanette

Edwards, Jennifer

Elkins, Toni

English, Lynda

Feng, Z

Franklin, Lisa

Garner, Steve

Hansen, Jamie

Hightower, Mary Lou

Hightower-Patterson, Anne

Hillis, Catherine

Jain, Nishita

James, John

Jewell, Russell

Jordan, Steven

Judy, Gina

Kahn, Renee

Kenny, Maura

Knight, Joshua

Knudson-Tinsley, Carole

Kowalewski, Rick

Lane, Christopher

Larrabee, Karen

Laudone, Anita

Li, Dongfeng

Lund Levy, Stacy

Malone, Ron

Manley, Constance

Martin, Cecile

Mason, Georgia

McDuffie, Rebecca

Mentz, Rebecca

Monts, Lee

Morganelli, Kathryn

Morris, Al

Neely, Wesa

Noe, Heather

Ovenshire, Midge

Palma, Philip

Perkins, Donna

Pyner, Marcia

Rees, Jill Hassall

Rivers, Carroll

Rohde, Barbara

Rose, Dwight

Segreti, Rosemary

Smith, Autumn Nicole

Spencer, Constance

Starnes Isom, Lori

Taylor, Becky

Thompson, Lizabeth

Tyson, Genia

Van Giesen, Viviane

Watson, Gail

Weaver, Amy

Wedge, Kathryn

Weigle, Lucy

Wilson, Lori

Wolfe, Suzanne