President’s Message

I would like to thank this year’s South Carolina Watermedia Society membership as well as its board members for their support in a year like no other. I would especially like to express my gratitude to our 2021 President-Elect Ms. Sandra Roper for all her support and efforts towards this year’s online show. It is with this exhibition in mind that I want to thank Mrs. Anna Izard for her directives in content and social media. Without Anna there would be no 2020 online exhibition. It is with great pride that the South Carolina Watermedia Society will present this year’s work juried by nationally recognized artist Mr. Ted Nuttall. Finally, I would like to thank this year’s donors, especially the South Carolina Arts Commission, for their continued grant support which gives both art and culture back to the community from which it is born. It is with great excitement the South Carolina Watermedia Society website presents to the cyber-world watermedia artists from across South Carolina and the nation. The South Carolina Watermedia Society congratulates the winners of this year’s 2020 National Exhibition. Our society looks forward to its continued success in the future, including a 2021 Exhibition at the Pickens County Museum of Art in Pickens, SC and a 2022 45th Anniversary Exhibition to be held in the Guy Lipscomb Gallery at the State Museum in Columbia, SC. I hope you enjoy your South Carolina Watermedia Society 2020 National Online Exhibition. Russell Jewell 2020 President of South Carolina Watermedia Society.

Russell Jewell

2020 SCWS President


Juror’s Statement

It was an honor to have been selected as juror for the South Carolina Watercolor Society 2020 Exhibition. To undertake the selection of certain pieces as representative of the best from among the entries submitted was difficult at best and required repeated and thoughtful viewing of the body of work.

I approached this task aware of the fact that my choices might be considered, to a large degree, subjective in nature and tried therefore to outline for myself a set of criteria that might assist me in a more objective approach. I considered the following:

• Did the painting seem to be more than just a reproduction of the subject i.e. did it tell a story, express a feeling and state the artists passion for his or her subject?

• Did the painting appear to be expertly rendered; that is, did the artist seem to have a command of the medium, was there an apparent continuity to the style or method of applying the pigment? Was each part of the painting given equal attention and care?

• What appeared to be the artists consideration for design and composition? How effectively was composition used in the overall impression and expression of the painting?

• And was the painting carefully photographed assuring its best reproduction and presentation.

These, among others,  became the overriding considerations as I viewed the submissions, selected the show and presented the awards.

I would like to express, to all who entered, my admiration for producing the work and having the confidence and commitment to present your paintings for jurying. And congratulations to those whose work I selected for the show as well as for awards. Thank you all again for the opportunity to see your work. I was inspired by the experience.

Ted Nuttall, AWS, NWS, TWSA

Juror’s Reflection on the Top 15


This beautifully rendered painting caught my attention immediately with its brilliant composition. The placement of the figure and its relationship and balance with the other elements of the painting was very powerful.

Peony Exuberance

The close-up view of the peonies in this painting gives a powerful abstract quality to the composition. The rich and thoughtfully orchestrated colors really drew me in.

Voice of Freedom

The emotional and almost sultry demeanor of the subject paired with the rich color and light created a dramatic moment in this painting. Caught my attention right away.

Havana Taxi

This is a complex but well developed painting. I thought the chosen point of view, the reflections and rich colors in the foreground and the composition in general were a great representation of the busy scene depicted in the piece. Very nice.

Broken Open

This was a wonderful, well crafted representation of a very intricate but tranquil scene. The thoughtful use of color and range of values handily lead the viewers eye and supported a good composition.


For me, although this painting is highly representational – the subject’s orientation, it’s scale in the space, and the angle from which it is observed lends an aspect of abstraction I think is compelling. The reflections and division of negative space surrounding the egg beater also contribute to the abstract impression.


This painting is powerfully emotional – an impression accentuated by the demeanor of the subject, the limited pallet and the simple but effective composition.


The color palette the artist has chosen and the thoughtful composition combine with the gesture and expression of the model to effectively portray a sense of vulnerability in this painting. Very nice.

Woman From the Village

The rich color and patterns in this beautifully rendered piece are a wonderful support for the richness of expression and life in the subject’s features.

Finding Peace

I really responded to the whimsical, playful aspect of this painting. The motion created by the marks and shapes as well as the rich colors and strong composition really made this a strong piece.

Opulent Orchids

I was drawn to this painting by the composition. It gave a sense of abstraction to the piece that is supported by the distribution and richness of color.


I thought the concept and suggestion of a story were the strength of this painting. The subject’s expression coupled with her curious interaction with other elements in the piece was thought provoking and fun.


The moment of expression captured here was nicely reinforced by the bold and impressionistic brush marks made in the painting. Nicely composed as well.

That Old Lonesome Feeling, That’s Sometimes Called the Blues

I found this painting reminiscent of Alice Neel’s expressionistic and emotional portraits. The bold colors, loose brushstrokes and patterns along with the relaxed/reflective demeanor of the subject convey an elusiveness and curiousity about what his story might be.

Earth and Ocean

I was intrigued by the stylized rendition and interaction of the two figures in this painting. The symbolism suggested by supporting elements, a thoughtful palette of colors and attention to the composition all contributed to the strength of this piece.