New Decade, New Direction

South Carolina Watermedia Society members have always enjoyed many benefits:

  • entrance to the annual exhibition,
  • special framing requirements for greater choice,
  • free education through in-person gatherings,
  • art advocacy,
  • and continuing community and development.

We are committed to our members and to continuing these benefits. But, we want to give you more! Beginning in July 2020 members can access exclusive, member-only content. This content will range from online course offerings and instructional videos to artist Q&As and promotional opportunities. Members will receive information to access this exclusive content in the monthly Newsletter email blast.

Joining SCWS

If you are interested in accessing the exclusive content and are not a current member, please visit our membership page for more information about renewing or initiating your membership. Membership is $60.00, with additional levels of membership including, Patron, Donor, and Benefactor. SCWS also offers a student membership to anyone 25 or under.

Accessing Exclusive Content and Opportunities

Already a member? Fantastic! Beginning July 1, simply visit  our Member Benefits Page and enter the password sent to you in the June Newsletter email blast. Having trouble accessing the page? Contact Content Director Anna Izard at for additional assistance.

Interested in Offering an Exclusive?

If you’re interested in offering exclusive content to our membership, please email Content Director Anna Izard at with your proposal. Include any content, files, and links.