Seeking Executive Manager

*THE DEADLINE FOR THIS POSITION HAS PASSED* The South Carolina Watermedia Society seeks an experienced Executive Manager. Please see the job description below for additional details. To apply, submit your resume to: or Renea Eshleman, 508 Moss Creek Drive, Cayce, SC 29033. Applications are being accepted until February 15th.


Distribution date: January 12, 2022

Closing date: February 15, 2022

The South Carolina Watermedia Society (SCWS) seeks a part-time Executive Manager (EM) to lead managerial and administrative services for the organization. The EM works with the Society’s officers and support personnel to oversee and execute activities and events. The EM serves as the primary liaison between the Board and Society members. 

Salary range $10,000 – $15,000 depending on experience.

SCWS is looking for a highly motivated candidate with:

    • Excellent written and verbal communication and organization skills.
    • Strong attention to detail.
    • Exceptional time management and people management skills.
    • Skill working independently and as a team member.
  • Technology skills to update the organization‚Äôs web site and maintain a member database.
  • An understanding of basic business/financial procedures and reports.
  • Administration of art exhibitions and activities.
  • A detailed description is below.
  • Send resume to: or Renea Eshleman, 508 Moss Creek Drive, Cayce, SC 29033.


SCWS Executive Manager Duties and Responsibilities

The Executive Manager of the SCWS oversees, in conjunction with the President, Board members, and standing committee chairs, all events and activities of the Society.


1. Calendar

Maintains a calendar of all deadlines, activities, and events associated with the Society, created in conjunction with the Board and committee chairs. Provides updated calendar in the Executive Manager’s report at the Board meetings.


2. Website

Keeps current the SCWS website and maintains functionality, including, but not limited to, current events, access to membership forms, show entries, and enrollment in events.


3. Membership

  1. Keeps an up-to-date list of members, contact information, and current status.
  2. Maintains a directory of Signature Members. Sends reminders if membership has lapsed for Signature Membership to be maintained.
  3. Responds to business or concerns pertaining to membership of the Society.
  4. Sends reminders to membership regarding dues deadlines a month prior to the expiration of the dues, a week prior to expiration of dues, and reminders to members who have allowed their dues to expire with a link to renew on-line. 
  5. Creates certificates to be presented to new Signature Members at the annual awards celebration. Notifies new Signature Members that they will be recognized.


4. National Exhibition

     a) Sites and Jurors

  1. Coordinates with the Board the selection, negotiation of contracts, and dates for juror and site for the National Exhibition. The prudent timeline for this is to secure for two years in advance of the exhibition. 
  2. Coordinates and prepares entries to be sent to the juror for exhibition selection.
  3. Sends notifications to selected and non-selected artists with the directions for delivery of paintings.
  4. Facilitates take-in of work.

     b) Awards and Catalog

  1. Creates a list of awards and winners in conjunction with the Vice-President.  Writes checks to be presented by the President to winners at the annual award celebration. 
  2. In conjunction with the Vice-President and show host, creates wall display cards designating award winners to be posted by the paintings or designate someone at the site to do so.
  3. Arranges for and/or completes design and distribution of the Exhibition Catalog.


5. Promotion

  1. In coordination with the Board, publishes the prospectus and promotes timelines to the membership via email with frequent reminders as deadlines approach.
  2. Promotes the show entry deadlines through on-line sites and publications such as Watercolor Magazine (classified ad).
  3. Prepares and sends press releases promoting the show dates and after opening, announcing the winners.


6. Report

  1. Collects and reports number of entries, number selected, amount of awards
  2. Maintains a budget of the exhibition income and expenses to report to the Board and the membership


7. On-Line Exhibition

  1. Coordinates with Board members development of the prospectus, awards, and judging the show.
  2. Sets up website for entries.
  3. Promotes deadlines for entries, juror information and calendar of dates including notification of winners.
  4. Emails reminders of deadline for entries.
  5. Coordinates with judge for access to the entries. 
  6. Announces winners on website, social media, and in email.
  7. Distributes payment for awards and judge.


8. Coordinates Meetings

  1. Attends all board and annual meetings working with the President to make certain logistics are in place for seating and audio-visual needs.
  2. Coordinates with the President the agenda for board and membership meetings. 
  3. Emails agendas for meetings at least a week prior to the Board meetings.
  4. Works with the Secretary to email minutes of meetings no later than 30 days after the Board meeting.


9. Publications

  1. Publishes, in collaboration with the Publicity Chair, newsletters and other publicity pieces.


10. Financials

  1. The Executive Manager (not the secretary/treasurer) receives all funds due, pays all legitimate financial obligations, and keeps accurate accounts of all financial transactions of the Society. He or she conveys transaction information to the accountant, receives financial reports from the accountant, and makes financial reports available to the Board. A complete financial report will be made to the membership at the annual meeting. 
  2. Create newsletters, in collaboration with the Executive Manager and the Board with contributions from members as needed to distribute information to the members of SCWS and the public.
  3. Completes and submits tax forms required by the state of South Carolina and the IRS, as required to protect the 501C3 status of the Society.
  4. Completes all grant applications to the South Carolina Arts Commission for annual funding.  Seeks and submits additional grants as identified. 


11. Other

  1. Works with committee chairs and Board members as required to facilitate activities and events.
  2. Other duties as required by the President and/or the Board of members.