Fredrick Graff Workshop:

Creative Approaches to Watercolor

Frederick Graff is one of the foremost watercolorists of today.  He is a Signature Member of all three major watercolor societies: American Watercolor Society; National Watercolor Society; and Transparent Watercolor Society of America.  He is also a Charter and Signature Member of the Ohio Watercolor Society and a longtime member of the Whiskey Painters of America. His continuous growth and development in his pursuit of watercolor has enabled him to be a leading artist/educator in the field of watercolor painting.

Artist’s Statement: “When an artist understands the basic principles and elements of design, the subject matter becomes unlimited. The selection of my subject matter is determined by my immediate response to the subject and its surrounding environment. It is essential that I go beyond the level of just recording facts.  It is my intent to convey a spontaneous response in an unrestricted yet semi-controlled manner.  This approach to watercolor painting lends itself to a unique and unpredictable experience.  This state of uncertainty compels me to further explore the world of watercolor.  It is always my intent to challenge and express myself in an honest, expressive and creative manner.”

Course Description:

Date: August 26 – 28, 2021

Cost: $425 per artist

Number of Seats Available: 15 maximum

Using the basic approaches to watercolor painting, students will explore different, innovative watercolor approaches and concepts.  During this three-day workshop, Fred will provide a series of exercises, lectures, and demonstrations that will enable each student to understand fully different approaches on how to develop a painting. Graff states, “When an artist understands the basic principles and elements of design, the subject matter becomes unlimited.  It is essential that artists go beyond the level of just recording facts.  With this in mind, it is my intent to convey to the students how to spontaneously respond to the subject matter in an unrestricted, yet semi-controlled manner.”  The different watercolor concepts introduced will enlighten both traditional and contemporary watercolor artists. Some of the different topics presented will include: abstract underglazes, negative painting, understanding how to maintain natural whites, wet-in-wet painting approaches and most importantly, composition and design. The innovative painting surface of Yupo will be introduced, but students can elect to pursue their painting assignments on whatever surface they prefer.

Venue Description:

Location: Pickens County Art Museum in Pickens, SC

Address: 307 Johnson St, Pickens, SC 29671

As the aptly named Foothill Region suggests, Pickens is a small town settled at the foot of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Pickens offers small town charm with a selection of local shopping, eating, and recreation.  Pickens is conveniently located only thirty minutes from the bustling downtown Greenville, which offers artists boundless access to cityscapes and arts and culture opportunities. The workshop itself will be housed at the Pickens County Art Museum in its studio classroom. The Museum features three separate “focus” galleries where exhibitions change every eight to 12 weeks. Exhibitions of regional artists are interspersed with varied competitions, thematic exhibits, historical perspective shows and the museum’s annual “Youth Arts Month” programming. It will also be the home of the SC Watermedia Society’s 2021 Traveling Show.

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