2020 Spring Digital Show

South Carolina Watermedia is pleased to announce the winners for its 2020 Spring Digital Show. The show includes artwork by 95 SCWS members.

Congratulations to every artist who submitted a painting to this annual event.

About Juror Jeremy Sams:

Jeremy Sams is an award-winning representational artist residing in Archdale, NC. He was born in 1977 and his childhood consisted of spending lots of time in the woods of the Uwharrie Mountains and playing in and along the banks of the Uwharrie River in the southwestern portion of Randolph County, NC. He became interested in art at a very early age, winning his first art competition at the age of 6. At age 15, he took his first art class where he was introduced to painting. His love for painting sparked a new change in his life and the beginning of a career was birthed by commissioned portraits and murals from the local community. Through these small art endeavors and apart from formal training, Jeremy was able to begin a professional art career at the age of 19.

His artistic growth took on a new form in 2011 when he was introduced to painting en plein air. This same year, he and his wife mourned the death of two children. Through this trying time, Jeremy found new inspiration and healing through painting outdoors en plein air. “Painting en plein air has become a means of therapy and release of emotion for me…Here, I can enjoy God’s creation and relish in the beauty He has given us to enjoy in this short life.”

Jeremy’s personal inspirations come mostly from the play of light and atmosphere and their effects on objects and landscapes. His most favorite areas of subject matter are the rolling hills and mountains of North Carolina along with its waterways, and special array of trees and meadows. It’s not uncommon to see Jeremy with his outdoor easel set up on the side of the road or on a river bank somewhere with brush in hand.

First Place – Catherine Hillis

A Forgotten Hero

Thank you to everyone who participated.

1st Place – Catherine Hillis

2nd Place – Audrey Montgomery

3rd Place – Kathy Caudill

Spring Digital Show Award Winners

The Juror’s Reflections

First Place, A Forgotten Hero by Catherine Hillis – The graphic quality of this painting immediately captures your attention. It has an excellent dark/light asymmetrical balance. The drawing has been executed accurately along with the figure’s proportions. The deep shadows with their subtle temperature changes of cools and warms give the idea that it’s a hot summer day for this veteran. The reflected light in the shadows of the hat brim and skin tones were also executed nicely giving the impression of a bright sunny day. The street markings help give the viewer some scale of depth.

Second Place, Catch More Fish by Audrey Montgomery – The compositional design of this painting is wonderful. My eye immediately was drawn to the fishing lure with the high chroma tip. Then, my eye travels down the stair steps of the boxes with their slightly varied directions giving interesting bits of information to slow my eye. Once reaching the pole, I go to the right admiring the variation in textures and shapes and being pointed upward to the top of the box where the linear perspective pushes my eye back into the painting, forming a nice circular motion. From the nets, wood, and rust, the variations in textures and shapes make this painting a visual delight.

Third Place, Late Afternoon Gathering by Kathy Caudill – This painting incorporates a simple but well-executed steelyard composition that is very well balanced. The grouping of cows to the right under the large tree adds a significant visual weight to the painting while the lone cow to the left balances it out. The objects, from the edge of the painting from right to left, contain a nice thought out variation in their size and spacing. The long horizontal nature gives the feeling of tranquility. The strong vertical of the tree invites the viewer’s eye to leave the ground plane and explore the sky plane and then follow the gradual slope of the trees back into the interior painting. The execution of the foliage and grass textures is masterful.

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