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2016 Top 30 Award Winners

By February 10, 2017Uncategorized

Artists and Awards 

1 Lynda English- The Hands of a Fisherman- $2000 Watercolor-$1000 GCWS Sponsors Best in Show Memorial Award Honoring Doris Athey

2 Ashley Arakas- Disregarded Love- $1200 Watercolor on 140lb paper- $750 Second Place Award- Friends of the President Award- Doris Baker, Particia Bingemer, Douglas Bloom, Judie Braak, Beverly Doughtery, Jo and Ronald Griffin, Chris and Doug Harden, Clark Hayes, Mikki Huss, Denise and Tom Lee, Pam and Tim Lee, Joe and Shirley Mayhew, Keith Meiere, JJ Monk, Barbara Ottinger, Carol Lynn Smith, Mary Spechko, Julie Sweeney, Whitney and Earl Taylor, Martha Williams

3 Lizabeth Thompson- Beidler’s 4-Hole Swamp- NFS Watercolor on yupo- $600 Third Place- GCWS Third Place Award in Honor of Founding Member Barbara Brock

4 Hartmut Fege- Sandy Island Fisherman- NFS Watercolor- $500 Douglas and Judy Decker Award in Honor of Doris Athey

5 Nancy Rinn- 2 Tracks- $1700 Watercolor on 140lb cold press paper- $500 Coastal Observer Newspaper Art Award

6 Maura Kenny- Abandoned- $1000 Watercolor on paper- $400 Pat and Patsy Givens Art Award

7 Lucy Weigle- Nesting #4- $500 Acrylic on terra skin- $350 SOA Award in Honor of Victoria Alger (Steve), Randy Armstrong (Allen), Mary Ann Brock (Roger), Kathy Caudill (Steve) in Memory of Doris Athey (Doug and Judy Decker), Renea Eshleman (Justin), Melinda Furman, Barbara Stitt (John), Melanie Webb (Greg)

8 Heather Noe- Freedom Plains, Red Line Series- $2000 Acrylic, rice paper on canvas- $300 Carolyn Epperly Award

9 Kay Langdon- Blue Flowers- $500 Watercolor- $300 Rebecca Zdybel Award

10 M.C. Churchill-Nash- Baa Baa- $250 Watercolor on yupo- $300 in Honor of Mary Ellen Suitt by Sarah Miller

11 Diana Carnes- Tsunami- $625 Watercolor and acrylic- $250 Coastal Chevrolet Cadillac Nissan Award

12 Kathy Kitz- Time Less- $1900 Watercolor on yupo- $250 Janice and Mike Coward Award

13 Georgia Mason- Coastal Colors- $1200 Ink, watercolor, acrylic on Yes canvas- $250 South Atlantic Bank Award

14 Wendyth Wells- Societal Series Golden Horizon- $1000 Gouache, watercolor, pastel and charcoal- $210 in Celebration of AMI by Linda Manning and GCWS

15 Caroline Swanson- Bud Vase with Roses- $845 Watercolor on gessoed illustration board- $200 Jack Braak Memorial Award by Brenda and Herb Lawson

16 Karen Larrabee- Water Flow Bubble Dance- $600 Liquid watercolor on yupo- $200 City Art/Art Xpress Award

17 Patricia Cole-Ferullo- DARK BEAUTY- $800 Watercolor on mineral paper- $200 in Memory of Allen E. Becker by Sue Czerwinski

18 Monique Wolfe- Between Concerts- $800 Watercolor on paper-$200 Maura Kenny Award

19 Cindy Silvers- Soft Landing- $850 Sumi ink and gouache on raw rice paper- $180 Past President’s Award, Carrie Burns Brown, Renea Eshleman, Jill Stafford

20 Lori Solymosi- Looking Back- $1200 Acrylic on paper- $100 Randolph and Allen Armstrong Award in Honor of all SCWS Artists

21 Renea Eshleman- Roses in Vase- $295 Watercolor and gouache on yupo- $100 Loganberry Books Award

22 Denise L. Greer- The Inlet- $850 Watercolor and acrylic- $100 Nancy Karabacz Award

23 Donna Lynn Gore- The Light Fantastic- $425 Acrylic, casein, watercolor monotype- $100 Dorothy Nichols Award

24 Anne Hightower-Patterson- Fishermen’s Tales- NFS Watercolor- $100 Bea Kuhlke Award by Caroline Swanson

25 Al Beyer- Houndscape- NFS gouache- $100 in Memory of Elizabeth “Lib” Ferdon and William “Bill” Jacobs by Nancy Bourne

26 Anita Laudone- Stand by Me- $2000 watercolor on paper- $100 in Honor of Marion Williams by Patsy Tidwell-Painton

27 Susan Lackey- Morning Sun- $500 Watercolor- $100 Al Tinsley Memorial Award by Carole Knudson Tinsley

28 Rebecca Zdybel- Le Trek Toulouse- $950 Watercolor and wax batik with ink and charcoal- $100 Trenholm Artists Guild Award

29 Suzy Czerwinski- Redhead’s Piglet- $350 Acrylic and gloss medium on canvas board- $100 Waccamaw Landscaping and Construction

30 Ann Heard- Blue House- $700 collage- $100 David E. Grabeman, DDS Award

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