2019 Spring Digital Show

South Carolina Watermedia Society is pleased to announce the winners for its 2019 Spring Digital Show. The show includes artwork by 82 SCWS members.

From Juror Kim Minichiello,

I would like to thank the South Carolina Watermedia Society for the invitation to judge your Spring Digital Show! It was an honor spending time with the variety of high caliber work submitted. It always amazes me how the same tools at everyone’s disposal yield different visions of each artist, and their feelings and passions come forth in their work.

With a background in design, I’m always looking for good design and composition in a work. I also like to be surprised, for instance when someone submits a work that seems to break the guidelines of a good composition and it still works in the painting. I also look for good value structure and for the balance of darks, lights and mid-tones to be thoughtfully placed. Of course, who doesn’t like to be wowed? That is factor too. When I can feel an emotional connection or what the artist was trying to say — as well as wanting to know more behind the story of a painting — those are works I contemplate for a while. I also consider technicality, does the artist really know how to handle this wonderful medium that is watercolor or watermedia? The really nitpick-y things I like to see in a painting are variations of color temperature, variety in a passage, lost and found edges, and as I mentioned before, good value placement. With all that being said, the design and composition have to be strong to begin with.

Thank you for giving me the privilege to spend a few days with the lovely paintings from SCWS. If you were not chosen for an award in no way does it mean that you did not submit a good painting. It may speak to another judge differently than it does to me. Keep trying! The important idea is to enjoy the process and paint for you. I wish you much creative joy and happiness as you continue your art journeys!

First Place – Kathryn Morganelli

Where Light Blooms in the Shadows

Thank you to everyone who participated.

1st Place – Kathryn Morganelli

2nd Place – Ron Malone

3rd Place – Anne Hightower-Patterson

Honorable Mention: Helen Beacham, Linda Warner Constantino, Rick Kawalewski, Karen Schaaf, and Lynn Schilling.

Spring Digital Show Award Winners

Full Spring Digital Show